Friday, October 30, 2015

2015-10-30: Autonomy Incubator Celebrates Halloween & Welcomes Bubbles

As the Autonomy Incubator celebrates Halloween, we welcome our new Ai mascot and resident trick-or-treat enthusiast. Meet Bubbles, the spider. #MeetOurTeam

While Bubbles spends most of her day hanging out in her web inspiring our team's research in autonomy and robotics, in her off hours she indulges in errant Crazyflies.

Introducing Bubbles, our Autonomy Incubator mascot.

On Tuesday, the Autonomy Incubator team will be entering the Langley Chili Cook-off, where Bubbles and her family will be making their NASA debut. Stay tuned with us on social media for more on this exciting partnership.

Twitter: @AutonomyIncub8r
Instagram: @AutonomyIncubator

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