Monday, October 26, 2015

2015-10-26: Autonomy Incubator Demonstrates "Follow Me" Behavior

Recently, the Autonomy Incubator has been demonstrating the "Follow Me" behavior designed by our software architect Ben Kelley. 

The behavior begins with our motion capture system's xyz position data. The interface then converts this data into our room coordinates, and these are in turn converted to relative latitude and longitude (World Coordinates). "Follow Me" is the behavior itself, which occurs when the UAV receives message of the rover's position and alters its current waypoint (destination) to reflect the location one meter above the rover.

Jim Neilan and James Rosenthal set up our rover and "Green Machine" UAV.

The Follow Me behavior runs at 1 Hz, which means that the UAV updates it's waypoint to reflect the current location of the rover every second. In the video below, we see our "Green Machine" UAV following the rover in real time.

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