Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015-10-27: Autonomy Incubator begins celebration of NASA Langley Centennial

On October 27th, the Autonomy Incubator team gathered with about 1,000 employees, retirees and family members for an aerial photo outside the hangar at NASA Langley Research Center. This centennial photo marks the beginning of our celebrations commemorating 100 years of research at NASA Langley. 

Credits: NASA/Sandie Gibbs

In 1917, the U.S. government established Langley Research Center, marking it as the oldest of NASA's field centers. Just fourteen years after the success of the Wright Flyer, Langley focused on furthering research in aeronautics and scientific discovery.  As the center continues with centennial festivities, culminating in events on July 17, 2017, we reflect on our center history and look towards another 100 years of cutting edge developments. 

This quote from Neil Armstrong lies outside the front entrance to the Autonomy Incubator. 

Here at the Autonomy Incubator, we're doing the same. Next week marks one year that we've been in our building, the old Reid Center, and over the course of the upcoming year we will be transition in name to the Langley Autonomy and Robotics Center (AR) as NASA extends the scope and duration of our research. As autonomy becomes increasingly vital to the success of science, space and aeronautics missions, Langley is integrating our work with a variety of projects. NASA Langley recently announced that our Autonomy Incubator team will be working on developing "a flying armada of 100 unmanned aerial vehicles", to be exhibited at the centennial event on July 17, 2017.

To stay updated on our progress with the flying armada, and our continuing work in package delivery, computer vision, obstacle avoidance, and localization, follow us on social media.
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The Autonomy Incubator team at the centennial photo.

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