Thursday, July 19, 2018

2018-07-19: Autonomy Incubator Says Goodbye to B1222

This week, the Autonomy Incubator will be saying goodbye to the building it grew up in, B1222.  The current Ai building has been in place for almost five years, but change has finally come; the building will soon undergo a demolition.  In fact, the Ai has almost moved twice in the past year, but this time it's officially happening!  To honor B1222 and all of the memories that were created within it, eighteen Ai members have taped some goodbye messages.

In the meantime, we have been spending this week packing boxes, moving desks and chairs into the big trailer truck, and transporting them to their new home.

Brian Duvall diligently taping boxes while Jim Farrington watches with

Ben Kelley, Kyle McQuarry, and Jeremy Castagno being lifted into the moving
truck, along with their desks and chairs and assistance from Matt Vaughan.

Dylan Miller, Andrew Puetz, and Skylar Jordan moving boxes in the new
building, B1230.

Most of our computers and main work necessities were already moved to B1230 on Tuesday, but many of us have been gathering in the open spaces of B1222 to enjoy our final hours here.

We will miss B1222 very much, but we are all excited about the new space. Everyone is looking forward to experiencing what it has to offer!

Now, say hello to building B1230!

Similar to B1222, we have an indoor flying space, .  The space itself is not as big as our old one  however, there will be an outdoor flying space attached that measures sixty by sixty feet and is fifty feet high, which we refer to as the AVIARY!  Danette Allen, head of the Ai, discussed how "we can simply fly from inside to outside and back, or at least use the infrastructure that we have inside when we want to go outside.  It just makes life so much easier for us when we want to test outdoors."

Both spaces provide for some powerful new opportunities!

The flight area is currently filled with moving boxes.  Look how many we

Also, the painting of Samuel P. Langley that was left in B1222 when we first moved in is also moving to B1230 with us!

Our lovely painting of Samuel P. Langley

Of course, we could not leave without all of our beautiful robots either!

One corner of B1230 is currently filled with some of our favorite robots.  Is
this not a dream come true?

B1230 is a wonderful space that we all look forward to working with; however, B1222 will always be in our hearts.

In the words of Danette, "the building learned from us, and we learned from the building, and ultimately we ended up with this great partnership."

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