Wednesday, July 25, 2018

2018-07-25: Miranda Smith Exit Presentation Summer 2018

Miranda Smith, a student at Old Dominion University and Autonomy Incubator summer intern, has accomplished many things throughout the ten weeks she has been apart of the team.  With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and two more semesters left until she receives her Master's degree, she spent this summer working with the Human Machine Interface team.

She split her time this summer between two major projects.  The first was through Amazon Mechanical Turk, where she set up two human intelligence tasks and helped pioneer MTurk capabilities across NASA centers for the HINGE experiment.  The second project was Interface Design, or the Peacock-PIT (Per Entity Adjustable Cockpits), a Unity mod.  Watch her Summer 2018 Exit Presentation to learn more about her research!

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