Monday, August 10, 2015

2015-08-10: All's Quiet on the Autonomy Incubator Front

The Autonomy Incubator Summer 2015 NIFS Interns
(Abbey, Nick, Meghan, Bilal, Alex, Jeremy, Josh, Gil, Javier)

We are down from thirteen to three student interns today so things are much quieter here in the AI this week than last. And, sadly, the AI blog has been left in the hands of its head who will do her best to keep up with the precedent set by our Summer 2015 Social Media Intern, Abbey.

On Friday, we had a going away luncheon (thanks to Carol for the amazing taco bar!) and distributed Autonomy Incubator shirts (check them out in the top pic) for everyone to take back to their universities and wear proudly. Everyone loved the banana on the sleeve!

The team enjoying their going-away luncheon

It's been a great summer and, thankfully, we have another week with Nick and Alex who are busy wrapping up their tasks, cleaning up their code, and documenting their work. Meghan will be with us for three more weeks and will overlap with the Fall 2015 students. Gotta love the continuity!

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