Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017-07-13: Autonomy Incubator Welcomes Social Media Volunteer Payton Heyman

Payton edits pictures for a blog post.

In addition to the passel of high school students volunteering on the research side of the Autonomy Incubator this summer, the Ai has also enjoyed the hard work of a social media volunteer. Payton Heyman, a rising senior at Hampton Roads Academy, has joined us for two weeks of her summer to help run the Ai social media empire.

Although Payton will be the first to tell you she's loved computers for many years– "I used to make PowerPoint presentations for fun when I was little," she said– her time in the Ai has provided a chance to explore a new realm of ideas.

"I didn't know what to expect," she said. "It's cool learning about actual robots and NASA stuff."

"Everyone here has been super welcoming," she added.

Payton took her first trip to the Back 40 today to document some outdoor test flights.

An avid filmmaker who intends to go to college next year to pursue a film degree, Payton has found a place to learn new skills and even draw creative inspiration in her work for the Ai.

"I love editing videos; I think it's so much fun," she said. "[The work I'm doing here] is giving me inspiration for the stuff I wanna do in my own short films."

In fact, we'll continue to see Payton as a contributor to Ai social media in the future: she likes it here so much that she intends to keep volunteering during the school year as her busy senior-year schedule allows.

"I want to come back!" she said.

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