Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2017-05-03: Nick Woodward Intern Exit Presentation Spring 2017

Nick Woodward, who had his first internship with the Autonomy Incubator in 2014, gave his final exit presentation after this year's spring session. Although he's done everything from geofencing to setting up 150 CICADA gilders from the US Naval Research Laboratory over his years in the Ai, his presentation this time focused on the trade studies and computer-assisted design (CAD) work he took on in support of multiple Ai missions. His creations included a research plate prototype to mount sensors on our in-house UAVs, a comprehensive analysis of retrieval solutions for UAVs on over-water missions, and new landing gear for the DELIVER project that PI Loc Tran is working on in collaboration with MIT. Nick has been a fixture of the Ai since its inception, and we already miss him dearly– especially the interns who must now take their coffee breaks without his witty banter.

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