Monday, March 14, 2016

2016-03-14: 2016 Spring Intern A. Branham Dyer

My name is A. Branham Dyer and I am a Mass Communication and Journalism Major from CFCC in Wilmington with a very heavy emphasis on videography and photography. I am passionate about aerospace and astronomy and am the spring 2016 social media intern for the NASA LaRC Autonomy Incubator (AI) . I am not the typical NASA intern in that I am not someone with a background in a Science, Technology, Engineering or a Math  (STEM) field. Through my work as a filmmaker and journalist, I hope to turn STEM into STEAM with the inclusion of the Art of communicating scientific, educational, and historical documentation of my experiences into the AI message. Things have been happening at fast pace here at the AI this semester and we have been developing some new strategies to incorporate into our social media department. In an effort to tell our story more completely, we have been devoting some time establishing a social media department that can incorporate true high definition video and photography to share our experiences and milestones. Part of that process involved obtaining new hardware and software for handling, editing, and cataloging our video and photo portfolio into a searchable format for easy retrieval. We will be sharing these stories in a series of articles that will look back at what's happened since my arrival in January. I hope you will join us as we take steps towards building trusted autonomy for robotic systems that will one day be used in planetary exploration, cooperative human-machine work environments, and for the overall benefit of humankind. 

Social Media Intern A. Branham Dyer

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