Tuesday, August 6, 2019

2019-08-06: Nicole Oman's Journey From Nature to Space

Nicole Oman
At the end of July, Nicole Oman will be a part of the Ai for a full year as an Administrative Assistant. After earning her degree in Outdoor Recreation from Northern Michigan University, she did not exactly go down the path she thought she was going to take.

"Life just happens, and sometimes you go in different directions," Nicole said.

After graduating, she began a job in the Newport News area, which led to a position as Administrative Assistant for Christopher Newport University.

After ten years of working for CNU, she decided to find a more career-focused occupation that satisfied her fascination with space exploration. As a result, Nicole is currently working as an Administration Assistant for our very own Autonomous Systems Branch (aka Autonomy Incubator) as well as for the Electromagnetics and Sensors Branch. Here at NASA LaRC, she found an environment that is moving forward in technology, challenges her thinking, and keeps her on her toes. From one branch to another, she can go from processing travel orders to getting approvals to buy hardware and software.

If there is anything to learn from Nicole Oman, its that you become invaluable when you're a creative problem solver and team player.

By NASA volunteer, Trayda Murakami

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